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Join Dan and Dina as they visit Israel

and learn the stories of Chumash Bereishit


The Parsha Comics boasts​

gorgeous, full-color illustrations,

kid-friendly language and Rabbi-approved content.

  • Purchase a PDF file and print unlimited times for your school or synagogue

  • Available in full-color and black and white outline for cheaper printing

  • Geared for Hebrew school and day school children aged 8 - 12 (terminology used is Hashem, Avraham, Yitschak, Yaakov etc.)

  • Parents love it too!

  • Created in conjunction with Rabbi Shmuel Kaufmann of

  • Each parsha/chapter is 4 pages long, with multiple-choice review questions at the end

Great for an in-person class, virtual class, Shabbat kids group, youth program or home learning (homework)

PLUS: Receive access to a Dropbox folder with 75+ printable games, slideshow games, activity ideas, printables, crafts, food art and more!

Resources for in-person classes, virtual classes, weekday or Shabbos, to be used together with your comic!

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Order now and receive printable files with your school/organization logo. Printable PDF files are sent by email within 3 days, after which you can print, use and enjoy the comics with your class or group.

All 12 parshiot/chapters (48 pages of comics total)
Full-color: $129
Black and white: $99

Small Hebrew schools (under 20 students)
contact us to discuss pricing.

Order before September 1st and SAVE $20!


If within 3 weeks you see that it doesn't work for you, send us an email and we will give you a 100% REFUND!
We're THAT sure you'll love it!

WhatsApp: +1 908 445 6520


Some real reviews from our inbox:

"The Parsha comics resources have provided me with not only eye-catching materials, but creative and engaging learning activities that my students get excited about.

The materials are well organized and the material covered is accurate.

Thank you Parsha Comics for your service to Klal Yisrael!"

- Rabbi Y. Handwerger

Yeshiva Ketana of Los Angeles


"Thank you so much for your Parsha Comics on Bereishis! They were a big hit!"

- Rabbi M. Kramer


"Your Bereishis comics are beyond amazing! So clear and beautifully illustrated and most importantly, the content is exactly what we want them to know and presented from the right angle!

It’s really great quality and so appreciated!

When Bereishis ended we were so disappointed but are hoping to add Shemos next year.

Continued hatzlocha!!!

-Sorah Shemtov

Riverdale, NY

"I am so impressed with the quality of your work. I've been in Chinuch for close to 40 years and I can hardly remember working with people who are so efficient and reliable, not to mention the quality of your work..."

Kol hakavod!


— SC Kesselman, Johannesburg, SA

"Highly recommend the Parsha Comics as a great tool for class! We used them in our Hebrew classes in Public Schools across the city and they were a great hit with the kids and the parents!"

— Rivka Lison

Montreal, QC

"Thank you so much! Your activities enhance the Shabbos party at school so much! Seems like a lot of work goes into it..."

— M. Bloy, India

"Just letting you know - your resources are beyond amazing!!! Seriously make my life so much easier! We do shabbat program at shul and your materials are great!!”

— Shira, Miami FL

Our materials are enjoyed and trusted by schools and organizations around the world!

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... and many more!​

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